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Monday, August 15, 2016

Admission to Engineering Colleages

(In context of Rajasthan and to some extent North India)

There were days when getting admission to the Engineering College used to be dream for the science students. Pre-Engineering Test (Rajasthan) used to be one of the tough examination to crack. There were total of 800 engineering seats across Rajasthan and only best and brightest were to get admission in one of the five engineering colleges. There were few others whose parents had enough money and awareness about private colleges in South India where they could get admission in paid seats under Management quota.

Gone are those days or to some extent. Though getting admission to five old established colleges in Rajasthan is still tough but the student who want to be be called "Engineers" there are so many colleges around. To the extent that so many seats goes vacant.

So are students getting what they want - its a big NO because they are not getting the colleges they want and they cannot afford to waste time in all sundry colleges that will yield nothing more than a degree paper.

So what is the solution - First is to study well and try to get admission in established colleges (read Government and old private colleges) through merit. Next if you can afford - some of the private colleges in South India have established themselves as good colleges - you can try those. They are much affordable then what they were in past.

Word of caution there are too many touts in the market who promise admission and take money - Please do not get into their trap - Go directly to the college and discuss the admission.

Some of the good colleges around Chennai are SRM University( Kattankulathur : On Chennai - Trichy Highway campus and Ramapuram/ Vadapalni campus in Chennai in that order), Satyabhama University (Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Near Shollinanallur Chennai), Hindustan University, OMR, Padur, VIT, Vellore and Chennai. There are many more like Jesoph Engineering College etc who are still older and better than newly established colleges in Rajasthan.

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