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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Online Shopping of Books

I will like to share with you some good sites to shop online. We all know that sometimes its little difficult to get the book you want so whats wrong if you can have the book you want at very reasonable prices. I personally used some of these sites and quite happy with the shopping experience.
The first one I recommend is FLIPKART, the site is having excellent collection of books at great prices and their delivery time is also good in addition to that the customer care is really helpful.

So look for yourself at their website FLIPKART
Second one is McGraw-Hill Education India but the discount on their books are less and you can get the book at lesser price at flipkart or other web shop or at some bookshop so use it only if you have no choice. You can have a look at their publications at their website McGraw-Hill Education India 

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Henry Jakson said...

I like your post. Online shopping has many benefits. First and foremost is Convenience. Cheap deals and better prices I get from online stores because products come to you direct from the manufacturer or seller without middlemen involved. The choices you can get for products are amazing. One can get several brands and products from different sellers at one place.
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