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Monday, March 1, 2010

Free ebook INDIA 2010 and BHARAT 2010

 Those who are preparing for civil services the year book published by publications division of Ministry of Information and Communication, Government is a good reference book beside being authoritative and rich source of government data. Also the book is very informative o the common man who want to know about government policies and various programmes run by the government.
The good part is that from last few years government is providing the book free to the readers. The book can be legally downloaded from the official website of the publication division.

About Book :
“India, that is Bharat” is not only a vast and diversified country but a subcontinent in more ways than one. INDIA 2010 Reference Annual gives a panoramic view of country’s progress in the field of economy, rural and urban development, industry and infrastructure, art and culture, health, defence, education, mass communication, etc. It also showcases latest advancements is science and information technology.
It incorporates sections on general knowledge, current affairs, sports, events of the past year and latest ones too. A rich source of authentic and definitive data makes it a compulsory read for students as well as researchers and academics.
Here are the direct link to the book in Hindi and English
Download Links

INDIA 2010
Author : Publications Division

Language : English

Paper Binding : (Rs.) 345


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