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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Open trade secrets of cracking competition examination

May be all of you already know but these are things which helped us a lot in cracking several competition examinations:

- Time is key. You may know most of the questions but how fast you finish your paper and revise it that will make it or break it.

- Maths and English portions are differentiator


- Basic of arithmetic’s need revision. Though you will be able to solve all those problems but if you revise that old knowledge you will solve most of the time for other problems

- Try to remember those mathematical formulae because they will make calculation faster

- Revise those tables – yes, if you remember table atleast till 25 then your calculations will be very fast and save precious time

- Remember those odd numbers – some can be tricky like multiples of 17, 23 29 etc. These give important clue about prime numbers

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