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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rajasthan HC stayed the Quota for Gurjars and Other Economically backward classes

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Today on 13th Oct. 2009 The Rajasthan High Court has stayed the quota provided by the state government to Gurjars and other economically-backward communities as it breached the 50 per cent limit set on reservations.

A division bench of Chief Justice Jagdish Bhalla and justice M N Bhandari yesterday stayed the reservation given by the state government to these communities as it exceeded the 50 per cent limit fixed for total reservation.

The order was passed on a letter petition filed by some students of University of Rajasthan.

The division bench in the order observed that "we have examined the letter in the light of the order of Supreme Court in the light of Indra Shwayani's judgement and find that the reservation granted by the government to Gurjar community and EBCs is not in consonance to the settled legal provisions and hence the excess reservation is stayed".

source : PTI NEWS


Anonymous said...

this reservation is not possible because in december 2007, supreme court has said that ninth schedule is reviewable except amendments before 1973.they clearly said even if u put reservation in ninth schedule we will review it. above 50% quota in andhra, 5% to muslims was quashed. only tamilnadu has more than 50% vertical reservation but it is as old as 1980, that is why supreme court left it. and economic ground is no ground, supreme court quashed at narsimha rao time. so no reservation is possible vertically above 50%.

Anonymous said...

at the present time we have gone after 50 years of indipendens ,reservation is a wrong thinking

Anonymous said...

anyone who can, please become party to this reservation case as there is nobody to hold case in high court. take it as urgent, even if u can get any advocate become party, please hurry.
ritu jain

Anonymous said...

yea.. please fight for general casts.... it will make our competition easy

iron said...

Bad news for the Back class people. Now they ahve to work hard in order to compete with the general class people.

omega 3 said...

I like the article views based on the management Quota and reserved seats.I agree with the stand that the order was passed on a letter petition filed by some students of University of Rajasthan.It will be given to backward classes but some facilities are also to be provided to the middle class personalities.

Anonymous said...

hey whats the status of the case

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