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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ramesh Pokhriyal to be the new chief minister of Uttarakhand

It’s on the card, sooner or later BJP has to make some face saving exercise after a defeat in recently held general elections. Even after winning and forming a government in Uttarakhand two years ago the BJP fails to win even a single seat from the five seats up for grab in the Lok Sabha Elections. Bhagat Singh Koshiyari adopt the pressure tactics by resigning from Rajya Sabha( later he withdraws it too) but the outgoing Chief Minister must be satisfied with the fact that the new CM Ramesh Pokhriyal is said to be close to Khanduri and is finance minister in his government. Coming from Garhwal region Mr Pokhriyal is a veteran in the politics and except on one occasion get elected in all elections since 1990. He also served as minister in three ministries of UP government. A journalist and poet ME Pokhriyal is also said to be close to RSS and also known for his clean image. Its only irony that the name of B C Khanduri was proposed by B S Koshiyari and seconded by Ramesh Pokhriyal and today he is dethroned by the same duo. Well it’s all about ‘KISSA KURSI KA’
BIO DATA OF Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank'

Date of birth
15th August, 1958
Place of birth
Village Pinani, Pauri (Garhwal), Uttarakhand (India)
37/1, Vijay Colony, Rabindranath Tagore Marg, Dehradun (Uttarakhand)
Minister of Health and Family Welfare and Minister for Science & Technology, Biotechnology, Govt. of Uttarakhand
Field of activity
Literature, Social Work, Journalism, Politics and several other creative works
Padma Award for which name is recommended
Padma Shri
Padma Award conferred if any, in the past
Literary creations
Dr. Nishank is originally a literary person. His creations published so far have established him in a respectable position in the world of literature. He is filled with the spirit of nationalism. This forms a prime reason for the inclusion of his name in the list of national poets. His notable creations published so far are as under:
1- Samarpan (1983)
2- Navankur (1984)
3- Mujhe Vidhata Banna Hai (1985)
4- Tum Bhee Mere Saath Chalo (1986)
5- Desh Hum Jalne Na Denge (1988)
6- Jeevanpath Mein (1989)
7- Matrabhoomi Ke Liye (1992)
8- Koi Mushkil Naheen (2005)
1- Roshnee Kee Ek Kiran (1986)
2- Bas Ek Hee Ichchaa (1989)
3- Kya Naheen Ho Sakta (1993)
4- Khare Hue Prashna (2007)
Compilation of letters of Martyrs (Shaheed)
Meree Vyatha, Meree Katha
Political achievements
  • Elected central spokesperson in 1987 when BJP constituted Uttaranchal Pradesh Sangharsh Samiti.
  • Elected MLA in 1991 from Karnaprayag Constituency.
  • Elected MLA in 1993 and 1996 from the same Constituency.
  • Became a Cabinet Minister in the then undivided Uttar Pradesh Govt. in 1997 and was assigned the charge of the Ministry for Development of Uttaranchal.
  • Became the Minister for Culture, Arts and Religion in the year 1998.
  • After the formation of the then Uttaranchal (later renamed as Uttarakhand) State, was assigned with the charge of 12 different portfolios including Finance, Rural Development, Medical Education and Revenue amongst others.
  • Elected from the Thailisan Constituency and was made the Minister of Health and Family Welfare and Ayush, and Minister for Science and Technology.
Highlights of proud administrative decisions taken as per policy while being Cabinet Minister in the Govt. of Uttar Pradesh
  • Got increased the aid from the centre for the Development of Uttaranchal State from the existing amount of Rs. 175 crores to Rs. 675 crore. Correspondingly, got increased the budget allocation for this plan to an amount of Rs. 1160 Crores.
  • Worked diligently for the formation of the State of Uttaranchal while being minister in the Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Sorted out intricate and sensitive issues like inclusion of Hardwar and Udham Singh Nagar in the state of Uttaranchal with the aid of Political Skills, Knowledge and sound coordination skills.
  • Brought a spur in the cultural activity chart while being the Minister for Culture, Arts and Religion.
  • Made countless successful efforts to bring the Himalayan culture at the International Forum.
  • Felicitated prominent National Personalities to add to the honour of the nation and the state.
  • Added value to the hitherto considered unimportant portfolio of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Religion with his innovative ideas and experiments.
  • Brought to the fore in foreign nations, the Indian culture, by coordination with prominent foreign personalities.
A glance at milestone administrative measures taken aimed at public welfare
  • Finalized the structure of the Office of the Tax Commissioner.
  • Commissioned 11 check posts at the State Border to curb and put an end to corruption and tax evasion.
  • Implemented the recommendations of the Empowered Committee formed by the Central Government to implement the VAT System in the state in the interest of the citizens of the state.
  • Prompt actions were taken in all sections coming under the Directorate, Treasury and Finance Department, during his regime as minister. In the process, the basic feeling of Social development in the state was kept in mind and the importance of Panchayati Raj System was stressed upon.
  • Did not introduce any new tax and presented a burden-free budget despite financial constraints within the state.
  • The Dearness Allowance was increased appropriately and the timely payment of the salaries of the government servants on a monthly basis was ensured.
  • Uttaranchal became the first State in India to adopt the Collective Payment and Accounting System for payment of Salaries. This initiative greatly simplifies the process of the Salary Payment.
  • Reduced the Central Sales Tax from 4% to 1% to encourage Small Scale Industries to operate from the state.
  • Opened 364 Depots for necessary goods and articles all across the state and thereby increased revenue from 61.75 Crores to 128 Crores.
  • Increased the Commercial Tax collection from Rs. 161.19 Crore during 1999-2001 to Rs. 233.24 Crore during 2002.
  • Increased total tax collection from Rs. 575 crore to Rs. 1100 Crore.
  • Doubled the exemption limit for duty on agricultural equipments in the interest of the farmers.
Achievements in the so far short tenure of newly elected Government
  • Was given the charge of the Minister for Medical Health and Family Welfare and Ayush, as also the Minister for Science and Technology.
  • Initiated several improvement measures in the Health Department as Health Minister.
  • Have been successful in curbing corruption and instilling discipline in the Departments in a short span of time.
  • Formulated several programmes and schemes for the upliftment and welfare of general public in the field of Medical Health and Ayush. Several such schemes are under consideration and on the verge of being finalized.
  • Initiated several welfare measure schemes in the field of Science and Technology. Got the approval for building ‘Science City’ in the capital of the state.
  • Decision to open Science Centre at all District Headquarters and at Block Level was taken.
  • Initiated several measures to take the advancement in the field of Science and Technology and in the field of Agriculture to the people staying in Geographically Remote and hazardous Locations.
  • Considering several schemes to uplift the standard of living and lifestyle of people staying on hilly areas, especially women, with the help of Science and Technology.
Success Mantra
Dedication, tireless hard work and intelligence have made him achieve what he has. His believe in god and feeling for the suffering urged him to become their voice and come out with flying colours, despite all constraints
 Honored by the open International University Colombo (Sri Lanka) with the doctorate degree as DOCTOR OF SCIENCE in the month of November 2007.

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