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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Can Bing be as Big as Google ?

Microsoft unveiled its new search engine Bing on 3rd June 2009 in order to steal the share from the google and even some even saying that its called Bing because its an acronym of 'Because Its Not Google' :)
Google which leads the search engine wars with a comfortable margin having a major chunk of all searches with about 60 % of total search using google make google a big brother of the business and yahoo and microsoft doing its best to catch up with google by providing something new. So it make some notable changes from its erstwhile search engines Live search.
Notable changes include the addition of search suggestions as you type and related searches (called "Explorer pane" on the left side of search results), based on semantic technology from PowerSet which Microsoft purchased in 2008 Bing also includes the ability to Save & Share search histories via Windows Live SkyDrive, Facebook, and e-mail.

Search result of Government of India 

And don't forget that recently Wolfram Alpha also come out with its search engine which computes result and is a step towards AI(Artificial Intelligence). Stats come up instantly when you ask distance between two cities, population of any country and so on.
Read More on Wolfram Alpha 

Get to know Bing

  • Web Find what you're looking for and a whole lot more

  • Images Find the pictures that you've been wanting to see

  • Videos Watch your favourite shows and videos

  • Shopping Find, research, and buy the things you want

  • News Find out what's happening in the world today

  • Maps See where it is and how to get there

  • xRank See who and what everyone's searching for most

So I can only say 'BING AND DECIDE' whether Bing be as Big as Google ?
 more at : Wikipedia and Bing

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