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Thursday, June 11, 2009

After Australia Indians face racist attack in Canada

The racist attack on Indians are still continued in Australia and Australian government failed to take any reasonable steps to stop these attack. First it blatantly refused to accept the attacks on Indians as racist attack but truth always triumphs and Australian authority were forced to accept that some attacks on Indian students are racist and they are taking steps but it seems they take steps against Indians only when students protest they vehemently arrest students also when students tried to protect their brethren by patrolling stations in group Australian police can't digest that and when the water rises above nose there was news that one Indian student attacked the Australian who was abusing him and in self defence he take that extreme step. Indian Government also seems not taking any effective steps and Union Tourism minister Kumari Selja even postpone the visit to Australia.
Meanwhile there is also not so good news from Canada where in fresh incident of racist attack on Indian comes in limelight where in Vancouver six Indian students were attacked by four white Canadians and they shouted racist abuse on Indian students and beat them up.But unlike Australian police Canadian police is quick enough and arrest the attackers.
Also the fact is that Indians and Asian community face racism at various point of time in previous years as pointed out by some students who lived in Australia, US, Canada and UK and how to forget the Big Brother episode that involves Shilpa Shetty.

After Asutralia, racist attacks in Canada
After Asutralia, racist attacks in Canada

Update : More racist attack on Indians

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