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Sunday, May 17, 2009

CSP 2009 Solutions

These are the solutions of various papers of IAS 2009 Preliminary Exam uploaded by various coaching institutes :

CSP 2009 GS Solution (Shankar IAS Academy)

GS, History, Physics, Public Administration, Mathematics and Sociology Keys are available at Pariksha Guru website, Visit Site (You need to create account to access those keys)

Commerce Key :   (Thanks Deepti)

Some keys also available at

Pub Admn Key at Brain Tree

Note : Will update about others soon. If you have any source please share with others in comment section. 

 Previous year result declared on 14th August 2008.(exam was on 18th May 2008)
 Question paper of IAS, RAS and other exams


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Anonymous said...

i am getting 50 in and 64 in GS with oBC category. what are the expectations? paper of was tough.
JK Soni

naveen said...

hi naresh sir,someone has told me that the cut off marks for history would be 225 and the result would be declare on wednesday. is it true ? please clear my doubt.

Anonymous said...

hello sir

can u tell me d cut off marks for geography and gs prelims in SC category.

thnaking u in anticipation.

Anonymous said...

kartik:its my 1st attempt ,last year one of my cousins[ general] got thru with geography [his total score was 193] getting 189-191 in geography this year ,i know results are near but is it ok to get across, i know ppl tell much things on net that we need 220 -240 to get across!!.. but is this score valid to get into those 13000 ppl shortlisted for mains?i dont want to top in prelims , just get thru and i studied for that only..

kindly let me know .. thanks

Dr Naresh Jhajharia said...

as rightly put the result is around the corner and I think anything above 180 is good score.

VIKAS said...

is result coming today ?

naveen said...

hi naresh sir, i am very sad to say that i could not clear the prelims whether i scored 210 in indian history and gst and i belong to obc catagory.please tell me the cut off marks and total no. of candidates qualified. i am very frustated. what should i do..please help me.

Dr Naresh Jhajharia said...


Anonymous said...

kartik:i havent qualified this year sadly.. i request ppl to kindly post the marks they obtained or got to know [ the least..] so that it helps us for next attempt.. thanks..

Anonymous said...

i havent cleared with 227 with sociology...can anyone who has cleared with socio tell their exact score.

Dr Naresh Jhajharia said...

Well result has been declared and it seems upsc still reluctant to show the marks so if you are interested in knowing your marks try to file an RTI for your Prel marks.

Anonymous said...

Result r out,i cldnt make it total score was 209..can someone tel me the cut off.m shocked

Deep said...

A heartly wishes to all aspirants,

Please provide me an opportunity to share an intriguing observation for all who possess or deem to appear in CSP 2010 with Geography as optional.

I appeared in CSP-2009 with Geography as optional.
My almost expected score was

-- 60 questions in Geography
-- 75 questions in GS

Total Marks = ( 225 )

I belong to General category.

I am not able to qualify for CSP - 2009 -:).

So my dear aspirants , I hereby request all those who could not qualify this time with Geography as optional,

I would request them that if they wish to appear with the same subject in CSP - 2010, they should target 70+ in optional considering the increasing competition and dynamism .

Lastly, please have courage and rise again to shoulder upon the responsibility of our Mother India.

" No Success is final, no failure is fatal, it is the courage that counts "...

Lastly, wishing all the very best from the bottom of my heart to all successful friends not to leave any stone unturned.

Let us promise altogether.
I promise to be an IAS next year...

Jai Hind....


Anonymous said...

I scored 206 (68 psychology+36 g.s.) but did not make it. could anybody give an estimate for Psycho cut-off's.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i cleared prelims with 46 in gs and 80 qs in pub 246. -manish

Anonymous said...

i havent made i with 227 socio...any idea what was the cut off this time...i am from a reserved category SC.

Anonymous said...

i had commerce as my optional paper and i had answered 100 questions correctly ,in GS however i could make only 27 correct answers....................are there any chance of mine to clear the preliminary exam

Dr Naresh Jhajharia said...

friend, check out the result its out and see for yourself whether you make it or not !

Anonymous said...

any idea what was the cut off this yr for socio i havent cleared with 227 reseved category SC

Anonymous said...

how much marks are required for a scheduled caste category candidate to clear preliminary exam with public administration?
tell seperately for public administration and general studies.
jeet singh

Anonymous said...

how much marks required for sc candidate to clear preliminary exam with public administration and general studies?
let me know marks individually.
thanks if reply

Dr Naresh Jhajharia said...

there is no separate cut off for optional and gs in most of PSC's and UPSC not divulge the cutoff so its little difficult but yes Pub Admn always have tough competition and its on higher side only. around 220 for Gen and for reserved its somewhat lower maybe 20 - 30 marks lesser

Anonymous said...

where can i find solved key for previous CSEs

My Nest said...

I,Saikat Guha Niyogi,an aspirant of CSP 2010.My 1st Opt-History.Could you tell me about almost exact cut off marks for safe in history & GS.I am general.
My mail

Anonymous said...

hi ,
what could be the cutoff for pubadmin in 2010 prelims , ( sc category)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Any info on cut off marks for 2010 prelims? GS and Sociology..

mad said...

45 in g s and 50 in socilogy in csp 2010? will i clear prelims

Anonymous said...

This year the political science paper is the toughest in the history of civil services pre. G.S. paper is also out of trend.last year the composite cut off for political science is approximately 180. this year people are saying that one who scores composite 150 is safe with pol.sci. because most of aspirants are between 43 to 48 net questions in pol.sci. G.S. cut off will not cross 40 to 42. so the agreegate cut off will not cross 150 this year. What is your observation ?

Anonymous said...

Hi all
any idea about Psychology cut off for CSP 2010?

IAS India said...

thanks I hope this would be helpful for us

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