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Monday, May 11, 2009

Can you Believe THIS : Rs 7.5 Lakh per day !

Indian Bureaucracy is infamous for its corruption but can you believe this news that a subordinate service officer make so much money, a whopping 7.5 lakhs per day as per this newspaper report 'पंजाब: तहसीलदार की रोज की ऊपरी कमाई 7.5 लाख' Although according to him this is distributed among others too. Its really pathetic to know that. Not all officers are like that but this small creed brings the whole service a bad name.On one side we have committed bureaucrats like Alphons while on other side these people. The unholy nexus of bureaucracy, politicians and businessmen need to be curbed in time otherwise it will be too late. Transparency accompanied by accountability is necessary for this.

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akshay said...

yes I can believe this

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