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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Well friends if you are following IPL session 2, you might be aware of this FAKE IPL PLAYER blog which has created quite a sensation not among the blogger community but also among the KKR(Kolkata Knight Riders) as the blogger claims to be part of KKR squad.
The popularity of the blog is as such that within one month of it on the blogosphere, it attract lakhs of page visits with around 3430 followers at the time of writing this blog not only that there are hundreds of comments which makes it as an interesting read.. News reports, FM radio, TV reports all make the blog a super hit and that also creates dozen or so more copycats of the blog to cash in the popularity of the blog.
What Fake IPL Player is all about ?
To say in simpler words its an interesting read to get the insiders view of the KKR in particular and IPL as a whole in general, the blogger used the pseudonyms for various people including the KKR owner Shahrukh Khan, with little brainstorming you can easily found who's who on that blog and if still you are not good in guessing then there are plenty of blogs which tell who's who in the blog and also explains for you.
There are news that KKR had identified the person and news was also that it might be one of the player who recently sent back in the middle of the tour but its still a premature conclusion.
One thing is sure that this person write the blog so meticulously that it attracts the visitors attention and despite with simple blog design and without any photos its becoming a rage.
In last I can only say what are you thinking just visit the FAKE IPL PLAYER BLOG or you may miss the bandwagon.

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I have read that blog and the blog is very interesting

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