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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Paper Leaks in Rajasthan

Board of Secondary Education has achieved the dubious record of so many paper leaks this year. Two papers of Class X and one paper of XII along with four paper of VIII class have been cancelled on grounds of paper leak but no one knows how many papers actually get leaked because it's still unclear from where these paper get leaked. One of the leading newspaper claimed that the real picture is far from truth as they get many fax and from them many questions come as it is, board says that they are only guess papers but how come they be so accurate is not clear. The board has made the life of an average studious more difficult as they have to go through all those exam blues again for no fault of them. Around ten lakh secondary students has to take exam again later while around 46,000 senior secondary students has to take Sanskrit Litt. II on 12th April. Even after all this melodrama, government and administration were accusing each other for the ruckus, some call it is due to political rivalry and the result is the resignation of Board Chairman Mr Bharat Kumar Kumhar. But this seems as only scapegoat in the whole process, the real culprits are still at large.

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