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Thursday, April 23, 2009


Successful Group Discussion (GD) Tips

GDs Judge Your

* Communication skills

* Interpersonal skills

* Negotiation and Convincing skills

* Assertive skills

* Empathy and consideration for others opinion

Skills to be honed for GD

* Self-control and patience

* Be friendly, warm and cooperative

* Speak intimately, informally

* Don't see others as adversaries

* Be receptive

* Appreciate the good points of others

* During heated arguments, be silent, then give a studied opinion and take control of the situation

Pay attention to

* What you speak

* When you speak

* How you speak

During the GD

* Try for consensus

* If there is a conflict, take control

* Give positive angle to the discussion

* Complement and consolidate

* Don't cry out or shout

Ending the GD

* Sum up the discussion with the observer's consent

* Add some points as your view

* Thank all

Post GD

* Shake hands

* Thank All

* Give oral but personal compliments to the participants

To flavour your participation in GDs, use the expressions like

* With your permission, mayI supplement?

* May I intervene?

* May I add to that - May I Suggest?

* There is or can be another angle?

* While supporting what you said, may I add?

* with your permission, sir, may I sum up the discussion?

The Five-step formula for success in interview and GD

* Practice

* Dynamic listening

* Think before you answer

* Cite reasons, examples and anecdotes

* Make a confident ending

Use STAR technique

* Situation

* Task

* Action

* Result

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