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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Eleven Digit Mobile Numbers from Jan 2010

Department of Telecommunication is proposing to switch from 10 digits mobile numbers to 11 digits number as the series is exhausting fast due to steep rise in the increase of the mobile subscribers. At the end of Dec 2008 there were around 346.9 million subscribers in India. China already have 11 digit numbers and India is catching up the most populous country in number of people as well and if the population growth keep on increases like the past few years then it will catch China very soon.

Well don't know whether some of you know or not but I have seen many such practices by various cellular companies where they in name of increasing their subscriber base they sell SIMS at throw away prices and in some case they are also providing more talk values then the original cost of the new connection so many people purchase those, use the talk value and then throw away all those SIMS while cell companies claim a bigger subscriber base.

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