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Monday, March 2, 2009

Top Ten Philosophy Sites

Nominate your favourite Philosophy site here :
Some of the site nominated for top ten Philosophy sites are
  1. Philosophy Online

    'This is a really useful site for philosophy students and anyone who is intersted in philosophy. It's got an annotated guide to Descartes' Meditations, and subject guides to theory of knowledge, philosophy of religion, and lots of other stuff. The forum is a good place to visit also.'

    Nominated by Jo Stephens

  2. Philosophers and Critical Thinkers in Senior Schools

    The online presence of the Australian Philosophy Teachers' Network (APTN). Large collection of teaching resources.

    Nominated by Peter Ellerton

  3. Philosophical Powers

    Philosophy humour. "Oh yes, I'd definitely want to collect the whole set!"

    Nominated by Tony Bellotti

  4. The Gendlin Online Library

    "Eugene Gendlin is a philosopher who deserves to be better known. His work in expanding the concept of concepts, and the meaning of meaning, through both rigorous intellectual modeling and through bodily felt sensing is truly pioneering. His online library, of nearly sixty years of papers, is a rich resource."

    Nominated by Mike Finch

  5. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

    "This is the most comprehensive and well written analysis of all philosophic ideas and thinkers."

    Nominated by Chris DiMarco

  6. Paul A Murphy's Philosophy Website

    "Papers and essays written by Paul A. Murphy of UK. They range from introductions to — or commentaries upon — philosophers and their ideas (which are set at a fairly elementary standard) to philosophical essays of a more analytical and critical nature. Also contains some of Paul Murphy's own poetry. "

    Nominated by David Murphy

  7. John

    "Macmurray was interested in understanding what it means to be a person.Ý He had a gift for writing with simplicity, depth and passion whilst at the same time offering razor-sharp conceptual analysis. His writings give us a wholly new perspective on the human condition. His thinking is relevant to the problems we face as a world today. "

    Nominated by Paul Gee

  8. Palinurus: Engaging Political Philosophy

    "Palinurus is an electronic journal of philosophy and socialism. Its purpose is to provide a forum for the theoretical work in contemporary political philosophy and related fields. Palinurus is not committed to any particular ideology or political programme. The purpose of the journal is to provide a forum for debate and discussion of theoretical issues on the left. It encourages the serious and informed discussion of such issues in an engaging, clear and non-technical language, aimed to reach a wide audience."

    Nominated by Alfredo Lucero-Montano

  9. Just War Theory.Com

    "A free, non-profit, annotated aid to research and instruction in philosophical studies of warfare owned and maintained by Mark Rigstad, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Oakland University."

    Nominated by Geoffrey Klempner

  10. Early Modern Texts

    "Here are versions of some classics of early modern philosophy, prepared with a view to making them easier to read while leaving intact the main arguments, doctrines, and lines of thought."

    Nominated by Jonathan F. Bennett

  11. A Rational Life

    "For the first time in my life I now have the time to ponder some of the social and philosophical issues that have always been of great interest to me but, until now, could not be addressed. I am interested in correspondence with others who have similar interests."

    Nominated by Leon Felkins

  12. Islamic Philosophy Online

    "A gateway site, with dozens of original texts, many translated, and many hard to find otherwise."

    Nominated by David Faber

  13. Filosofia Para Niños (Philosophy For Children)

    "Philosophy for Children is the educational program founded by Dr Lipman in 1969. More than thirty years after, this kind of website has only one reason, to look for a better world for all of us."

    Nominated by Stella Accorinti

  14. Philosophy Channel of Undernet IRC

    "This is the website for what is by far the best Internet Relay Chat discussion channel for Philosophy. The website includes a message board, information on how to visit the chat forum, and links to philosophy sites."

    Nominated by Muzeene

  15. Evolutionary Pragmatism

    "Personal Home Page wherein I have recorded a number of essays on the topic of Evolutionary Pragmatism."

    Nominated by Stuart Burns

  16. On Truth and Reality

    "Provides Physics and Metaphysics foundations to Philosophy. Has large summary of the History of Philosophy (Physics, Metaphysics)."

    Nominated by Geoffrey Haselhurst

  17. Metaphysics Resource Page

    "It does what it says on the tin. (Warning: may contain traces of nuts.)"

    Nominated by Brian Tee

  18. Wickedness.Net

    "Internet based project seeking to explore all issues relating to evil and human wickedness, includes an interdisciplinary e-journal Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness with some great articles."

    Nominated by Brian Tee

  19. j_spot

    "Journal of Social and Political Thought. On-line journal disregarding concerns for traditional boarders of academic disciplines. Is it Philosophy? Is it Cultural Studies? Who cares, it's cool stuff."

    Nominated by Brian Tee

  20. Ephilosopher

    "Philosophy news, research and philosophical discussion. Really cool page, loads and loads of stuff."

    Nominated by Tony Flood

  21. Introducing Philosophy Series

    "This ongoing series is for beginners and aims to introduce various areas of philosophy in simple terms, building up understanding with each instalment."

    Nominated by Hugo Holbling


    "In a series of acerbic and uncompromising essays Pathways mentor Anthony Flood publicly sorts out his ideas on metaphysics, politics and religion."

    Nominated by Geoffrey Klempner

  23. Erratic Impact Philosophy Research Base

    Huge, well organized collection of philosophy web links and online resources.

    Nominated by Geoffrey Klempner

  24. Will Baker meaning of life discussion

    "Personal ruminations on various topics, an internet version of Montaigne. Contains an interesting dissertation 'phenomenom of existence'."

    Nominated by S. Mienhart

  25. Cardiff Centre for Ethics, Law and Society

    "Great resource site."

    Nominated by Brian Tee

  26. The Physical Properties of Time

    "An interesting attempt to formulate the basis of a new theory of what time is."

    Nominated by Ron Larter

  27. Philosophy of Religion

    "Quick and easy summary of the main issues in the philosophy of religion."

    Nominated by Tim Holt

  28. Ereignis

    "The best Heidegger site in English loads of articles thematically arranged."

    Nominated by Brian Tee

  29. Alain Badiou

    "Alain Badiou is fast becoming recognized as the most important French Philosopher of his generation, check out this site for biographical material and links to original articles and interviews."

    Nominated by Brian Tee

  30. The Online Books Page

    "Loads and loads of free downloads of classic texts."

    Nominated by Brian Tee

  31. Techné: Journal of the Society for Philosophy and Technology

    " this site usefully gathers together articles dealing with most of the issues arising from a consideration of technology and its applications."

    Nominated by Brian Tee

  32. film-philosophy

    "A really excellent site featuring extensive lists of articles by philosophers from both sides of the Atlantic dealing with the question of film and cinema the home page is a little overloaded but this page has amore helpful layout.."

    Nominated by Brian Tee

  33. No Dogs or Philosophers Allowed

    "This is a great site I'm very proud of that compliments the Philosophy Television show No Dogs or Philosophers Allowed. With show descriptions, message boards and other philosophical treats."

    Nominated by Mark Hannah

  34. Transformational Thinking

    "Thinking philosophy for personal and business development, offering skill-based programs to enhance thinking and improve decision making. Free programs available online."

    Nominated by Mark Stephens

  35. Ephilosopher

    "I think you will find this worth recommending. Lots of useful resources and links, attractively displayed."

    Nominated by Tony Flood

  36. Cognitive Metaphor and Metaphoric Mind Research Center

    "The aim of this website presentation is to research and trace the rise and development of the cognitive metaphors, mythic-metaphoric thoughts and imagination, metaphorical dialogues, and spiritual consciousness, also will consider approaches to the mind illumination school of thought, and spiritual transformation that are based on imagery, symbols, mythic, metaphoric, archetypal ways of experiencing and knowing."

    Nominated by Al Shamlou

  37. Lev Shestov Website

    "This English language website is extensive, and rich in Shestov (Chestov) resources...Ariane Klim, the site's creator, is a very capable translator, providing us with intimate insights into L. Shestov...One of N.A. Berdyaev's few long and enduring friendships over the years was with Shestov, and we can but smile at how the two of them shouted themselves red in the face at each other over some obscure point."

    Nominated by Fr Stephen Janos

  38. The Free Lance Academy

    According to Lance Fletcher, "the intention of the teaching of slow reading (which is what I understand philosophy to be) is to subvert the customary mode of reading and to afford students (i.e. those who make us the gift of their listening) some critical access to their own interpretive activity. The purpose is not, however, to leave students with the notion that the text means whatever they make it mean. Quite the contrary! By disclosing to students their own act of meaning, the practice of slow reading gives students access to authorial intent." On this site, Fletcher promotes a group of lists to "enhance the possibility of generating a community of discourse. Philosophy is not a single conversation. It is, I submit a network of conversations..."

    Nominated by Tony Flood

  39. Mises Institute

    The Mises Institute was founded in 1982. The web site. is primarily about economics, but features much of general intellectual interest. Dr. David Gordon is their resident philosopher. He reviews books, many of them on philosophy, for The Mises Review.

    Nominated by Tony Flood

  40. A Dedication to Spinoza's Insights

    "I am an eighty-year old retired Structural Engineer who has for some sixty-odd years studied Spinoza whenever earning a living and having a family and friends permitted."

    Nominated by Joseph B. Yesselman

  41. Aude Education

    "The development of thinking skills has been identified as of great importance to the educational development of young people. Information handling, reasoning, creative thinking, and evaluation are all of great importance — and will be even more so as we move towards a knowledge-based economy. How to think will greatly affect a person's life chances. The other big influence on this is the emotional intelligence of the individual — are they self-aware, self-regulated, motivated and empathetic?" (Aude Consultant Paul Cleghorn).

    Nominated by Margaret Whiteley

  42. Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children

    "A non-profit organization that brings philosophy into the lives of young people through programs in elementary, middle, and high schools, parent organizations, and other organizations serving young people." Comprehensive resources, including advice for teachers and book lists for all ages from pre-school upwards.

    Nominated by Chuck Hlavac

  43. Studies in Comparative Philosophy

    The history of Western philosophy seen through the eyes of Swami Krishnananda, "one of the greatest and most in-depth philosophers of our time". The selected book includes chapters on Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus, Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Locke, Berkeley, Hume, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, James, Bergson, Alexander and Whitehead, showing the Swami's impressive knowledge and sincere appreciation of the contribution of Western thinkers.

    Nominated by Swami Narayanananda

  44. William James

    "It has sometimes crossed my mind that James wanted to be a poet and an artist, and that there lay in him, beneath the ocean of metaphysics, a lost Atlantis of fine arts: and that he really hated philosophy and all its works, and pursued them only as Hercules might spin or as a prince in a fairy tale sorts seeds for an evil dragon, or as anyone might patiently do some careful work for which he had no aptitude." John J. Chapman, friend of William James.

    Nominated by Randall Albright

  45. The Marxists Internet Reference Archive

    "Gives access to original texts and an overview of the development of Western philosophy from 1600 to 2002, aimed at serious novices, focusing on the question of knowledge." Valuable resource with classic and modern texts ranging from Sun-Tzu, Machiavelli and Paine, to Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh and Malcolm X.

    Nominated by Andy Blunden

  46. The Examined Life Online Journal

    "It is our intent to offer a communication forum for the professional, student, and amateur philosopher. We hope that through the love of philosophy, our readers will develop a stronger appreciation of the philosophical positions of others and their own. We believe by offering a forum for the dialectic of philosophy to continue, that we will enhance and develop such an experience for the professional, student and amateur philosopher."

    Nominated by Geoffrey Klempner

  47. Emmanuel Levinas Web Page

    This is the most complete site on Levinasian philosophy, containing original works of Levinas, biographical data and critical works by Jacques Derrida. The site shows the philosophical encounter between Levinas and Heidegger, Sartre, Husserl and Buber, as well as demonstrating the main direction of 20th century philosophy with respect to the thought of Emmanuel Levinas.

    Nominated by Dmitry Olshansky

  48. Philosophy and Religion

    Material on philosophy and world religions for a general readership, and for scholars and students in higher education. Includes complete texts of Hardness of Heart (Cherbonnier), Introduction to Judaism (Belford), Living Issues in Ethics (Nolan and Kirkpatrick).

    Nominated by Richard T. Nolan

  49. Big Questions of Philosophy and the Answers

    Dr Kelly didn't receive his doctorate until his mid 70's. Before discovering his vocation as a thinker, he had been a member of Australia's Northern Territorial Police. His thesis seems to be that the universe was created by God to be evolutionary: "The world can be understood as a process involving the possible self-creation of an entity like God". He talks about process philosophy and also mentions Samuel Alexander.

    Nominated by Cameron Dempster

  50. Wholeness Seminar

    From the site: "The theme of this seminar is a statement, What Wholeness means to me and the obvious subsequent question, How can this best be imparted to others?"

    Nominated by Heiner Benking

  51. Allan Randall's Home page

    A real working philosopher! He comes from a background in computer sciences. He calls his area computational metaphysics. "To exist is to be computable." In a number of works he provides relationships between philosophy and the current state of Quantum Physics, especially the many worlds concept. A good place for anyone looking for links between science and philosophy.

    Nominated by Cameron Dempster

  52. Back to Socrates

    From the site: "Modern thinkers, applying the criteria of science, have concluded that traditional philosophy was false and meaningless: philosophy was reduced to a number of specialised disciplines and techniques that cannot approach the ultimate questions that originally gave rise to Philosophy. For the guidance of life we were left with dogmatic religion on the one hand and, on the other hand, the nihilism of a science that can work practical wonders but has nothing to say about meanings and values. Only full-blooded philosophy can help us overcome this dilemma."

    Nominated by Geoffrey Klempner

  53. Guide to Philosophy on the Internet

    Perhaps the most comprehensive guide to philosophy on the internet.

    Nominated by Leonidas Maniatis

  54. Philosophy Now: a magazine of ideas Rick Lewis

    I like the variety of articles.

    Nominated by Dan Williams

  55. Squashed Philosophers

    It helped me to get to grips with philosophy books that I had heard of, read quotations from, yet never read. Having read these, I would have a go at the full text. They are good examples of précis and act as tasters and pathfinders for new readers such as myself. I will now tackle David Hume without feeling that I am about to climb Everest in a fog, without oxygen.

    Nominated by Michael Brett

  56. Philosophy Sites on the Internet from Tel-Aviv University

    Well-ordered and comprehensive table of contents. Wide variety of philosophical subjects and materials right online.

    Nominated by Dr Gholamali Shamlou

  57. Confucius

    A first-class quick overview of Confucius. Particularly worthy because it does not neglect the many difficulties of interpreting Chinese characters in western words.

    Nominated by Glyn Hughes

  58. Philosophy Pages

    It is not possible to set one category for this site. It has an awful lot. A large section looking at the history of philosophy and ideas through the ages. Information on major philosophers. A philosophical dictionary of terms. Guides for studying philosophy. Lots of reference materials listed for additional study. Even has a section on logic.

    Nominated by Cameron Dempster

  59. Trinityism

    No, I didn't understand it either. I've a vague idea that Bartek is proposing a system of understanding based, not on a dualist right/wrong good/bad principle, but on something with three basic states, but what these states are is quite beyond me. He gets his gold star for the rare and precious attempt at creating a complete system. It fails, but I wish there were more.

    Nominated by Glyn Hughes

  60. Paradise Engineering

    Extraordinary! Good solid analytic philosophy, but with added heaven and eternal life. Pearce has devised a 'possible world' plan in which pain simply does not exist. What marks it out from other utopias is that, as far as I can see, it is entirely plausible and completely justified.

    Nominated by Glyn Hughes

  61. Zeno's Coffeehouse

    From the site: "Zeno of Elea, a pre-Socratic philosopher, was born about 490 B.C. His style of argument was to assume, provisionally, the position of the opponent, and then to derive impossible conclusions from it, thus establishing the absurdity of the assumption. In the spirit of this Reductio Ad Absurdum dialectical approach to critical thinking, our Coffeehouse activities will tackle from time to time so-called 'common sense views,' analyzed critically. The mental gymnastics will be good exercise!."

    Nominated by Geoffrey Klempner

  62. Articles from the Royal Institute of Philosophy

    A valuable source of accessible papers by contemporary philosophers including a feature article from the current volume of the RIP journal Philosophy together with "a rotating selection from previous volumes; articles from the various Supplements to Philosophy, also frequently updated; plus transcripts from a variety of RIP special lectures, seminars and events."

    Nominated by Geoffrey Klempner

  63. Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason

    Online version of Norman Kemp Smith's translation of this great philosophical classic. Search for that elusive word or phrase and the result comes up almost immediately! An indispensable resource for Kant students.

    Nominated by Geoffrey Klempner

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