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Saturday, February 14, 2009


Hello friends,
Friends, often we come across with sites which some of us know and others do not know but they are very useful in the preparation of the competition exam, so starting fom today 'THE VALENTINES DAY' I will share with you some of the known, some unknown and some interesting and some some not so interesting site. 
The first Site of the day (STD) is the site which puts forward the official position of Indian Government, The Press Information Bureau.
The Press Information Bureau (PIB) is the nodal agency of the Government of India to disseminate information to the print and electronic media on government policies, programme initiatives and achievements.  Functioning as an interface between the Government and the media, the PIB also provides feedback to the Government with people’s reaction as reflected in the media.  With its 8 Regional Offices and 34 Branch Offices and Information Centres, the PIB disseminates information through different modes of communication, such as Press Releases, Press Notes, Feature Articles, Backgrounders, Press Briefings, Photographs, Press Conferences, Interviews, Database available on Bureau’s website, Press tours, A.V. Clippings etc. The information material released in English, Hindi, Urdu and other regional languages reaches about 8,400 newspapers and media organisations.
At its headquarters, the Bureau has Departmental Publicity Officers who are attached to various ministries and departments for the purpose of assisting them in disseminating information to the media through press releases and press conferences, etc., and advise on all matters pertaining to publicity activities.  They also provide feedback to their respective ministries and departments. As part of the Special Services, the Feedback Cell in the PIB prepares a daily digest and special digests based on news stories editorials from national as well as regional dailies and periodicals.  The Feature Unit of the Special Services of the Bureau provides backgrounders, updates, features and graphics.  These are circulated in the national network and also sent to the Regional and Branch Offices for translation and circulation to the local Press. 

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