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Friday, February 27, 2009

Good Sites for Sociologists on the Internet

Good Sites for Sociologists on the Internet

Sociology Sites (Schools and Colleges)

  • BRYN HAFREN SCHOOL Bryn Hafren has established itself as the prime site for school sociology in Wales and here they offer resources for GCSE level.
  • DAVE HARRIS HOMEPAGE This is a collection of e-handouts and conference papers on sociology, distance education and cultural/media studies.
  • ESOCIOLOGY Notes, Worksheets and TESTS!
  • HEWETT SCHOOL, NORFOLK This contains curriculum support materials for sociologists of Advanced and GCSE level.
  • MAHAMMAD SHOIAB'S PAGES This is a site from an Advanced level student, with access to his notes.
  • NGfL FOR WALES This has GCSE Sociology on it, but you will find it very useful for A level remindes as well.
  • OLDHAM SIXTH FORM COLLEGE'S SOCIOLOGY PAGES An interactive and fun site for checking out what you know (and what you don't).
  • REVISION WORLD A free revision site for Advanced Level and GCSE Sociology students.
  • RUTH'S SOCIOLOGY RESOURCESThis is a teacher's site with AS and A2 level information and activities and neat summaries of areas of sociology.
  • SCHOOL SOCIOLOGY This is a school site, with resources and some study and revision skills advice.
  • S-COOL REVISION SITE Not technically a school site, this has a revision programme specifically for A level Sociology if you follow the appropriate links.
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE RESOURCES This site contains worksheets, including online worksheets, developed by the PGCE Social Science student teachers at the University of Leicester.
  • SOCIOLOGY BLOG This sociology blog is managed by David Abbott and offers sociological commentary on contemporary events.
  • SOCIOLOGY CENTRAL One of the best sites for A level sociologists, this offers downloadable resources, specifically designed for post-16 sociology students.
  • SOCIOLOGY LEARNING SUPPORT A site of interactive quizzes, devised by ATSS member Chris Gardner and with a new design in 2006. There are self-assessment tests and exercises for students to do online, and currently 160 exercises are available.
  • SOCIOLOGY ONLINE Built by Andy Walker of Dartford Technology College, this has a good number of exercises and online quizzes etc., using Hot Potatoes applications.
  • STUDIO 4 LEARNINGThis is an American site, which is based on video presentations of basic concepts in sociology.
  • TAMARA O'HARA'S WEBSITE A comprehensive and fun site focused on AS, A2 and Access sociology.
  • WALES'S VIRTUAL TEACHERS' CENTRE This has some interactive stuff for you to try.
  • NEWS ONLINE There are some great video resources available here, relevant to Sociology.
  • FRONTLINE Continuing the video resources theme, this is an excellent source of contemporary and some historical features, relevant to Sociology.

Other Useful Sociology Sites

  • BEAUTY MATTERS Teaching resources around the areas of body image, fashion and attraction.
  • BRITISH JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY This will lead you to abstracts of the latest volumes of the BJS.
  • CENTRE FOR APPLIED SOCIAL SURVEYS This contains a bank of questions which have been used in social surveys.
  • CHILD POVERTY ACTION GROUP All you can expect from one of Britain's leading campaigning organisations.
  • ESRC SITE MAPThis will take you to a graphic representation of the ESRC site. Click on Findings to see a series of recent research findings from ESRC funded projects.
  • HOLOCAUST EDUCATION TRUST This site is dedicated to the history of the Holocaust.
  • INFORMATION PLEASE This is an online Encyclopaedia, with Culture and Society links to the family, ethnicity, education, crime, gender and religion.
  • INTERNET SOCIOLOGISTThis is an active tutorial on using the Internet for sociological purposes, either as a teacher or a student. It establishes some essential principles for using the Internet.
  • JUST FOR TEACHERS You have to register for this free site, but it has reviews of resources, specifically for post-16 social science.
  • OFFICE FOR NATIONAL STATISTICS This web site provides information on the statistics available from the National Statistics Office.
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE DISCUSSION FORUM At last, a sociological 'chat room' that is pitched at the right level for pre-University students. You may have to register to gain the full benefits.
  • SOCIETY: THE BASICS BY JOHN MACIONISThis is a great site linked to the John Macionis' book, but including multiple choice questions, True or False activities, key term quizzes and links.
  • SOCIOLOGICAL RESEARCH ONLINE This is the electronic Journal of the British Sociological Association.
  • SOCIOLOGIST AT LARGE This is an American site, but with some good basic sociological information appropriate for A level students.
  • SOCIOLOGY BLOG This is a sociology blog, covering all sorts of interesting topics.
  • SOCIOLOGY AND CRIMINOLOGY BLOG This is a sociology and criminology blog.
  • SOCIOLOGY BY JOHN MACIONISAnother great site linked to the John Macionis' book, but including objectives, multiple choice questions, True or False activities, essay questions and links.
  • SOCIOLOGY SHOPThere are basic items connected to this site, including conceptual tools and analytical tools.
  • THEORY CARDSThis is David Gauntlett's novel way of introducing basic theory. It is a good site for the A2 sociologist approaching theory for the first time.

Sociology Web Directories

  • GSOCIOLOGY This is a set of links focusing on social change and including some useful links to methods.
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE INFORMATION GATEWAY UK This is a gateway to a wealth of sociological material.
  • SOCIAL WORLD: SOCIOLOGY This has an extensive set of links to sites of interest to sociologists.
  • SOCIOLOGICAL TOUR THROUGH CYBERSPACE This is a slightly different site which offers advice on writing papers and using the sociological imagination.
  • SOCIOLOGY NETWORK This provides a access to Sociology resources in the news amongst other things.
  • SOCIOLOGY RING Mark Foster organises a large number of connected sociology sites, which can be visited in turn or randomly.
  • SOCIOSITE This is an international sociology site which allows you to access sources in a large number of subject areas associated with Sociology.
  • SOCIOWEB This offers access to new resources in Sociology, amongst other things.
  • TRANSTRAK An American site with a bias towards practising sociologists. A good site for students looking for a career in sociology.
  • WORLD LECTURE HALL - SOCIOLOGY Organised according to sociological topics, this allows you to follow your specific interests.

Curriculum and Education Sites

  • AQA AWARDING BODY This provides information about specifications from the old AEB, NEAB and City and Guilds.
  • BBC EDUCATION ONLINE This provides listings of educational programmes and links to other educational sites under subject headings.
  • BRITISH EDUCATIONAL AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY AGENCY Material on how to get connected to and use the Internet, as well as other ICT issues.
  • THE DfCSF SITE This gives you access to all information provided on the Internet by the DfCSF.
  • EDEXCEL AWARDING BODY This provides information about specifications from the old London board and BTEC.
  • EDUCATION FORUM This is a forum where sociology teachers can post queries and share ideas, moderated by ATSS member Chris Gardener.
  • EDUWEB This is linked to RM computers and allows schools and Colleges to put their own pages on the Internet.
  • LEARNING AND SKILLS COUNCIL This will take you to the LSC home page.
  • NATIONAL CURRICULUM This will give you access to materials on the National Curriculum.
  • OCR AWARDING BODY This provides information about specifications of the old Cambridge and Oxford boards and the RSA.
  • OFSTED This is the OFSTED Home Page which will give you access to their Reports Database.
  • RESEARCHERS IN RESIDENCE This is a national programme offering young researchers a chance to link with secondary schools, funded by the ESRC.
  • TUTOR HUNT This is a free service to allow tutors and potential students to make contact with each other.
  • WJEC AWARDING BODY This provides information about specifications from the Welsh Board.

Media/Current Affairs Sites

  • BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION There is an enormous amount of information on this site, and not all of it is current affairs..
  • CHANNEL 4 This provides a different outlook on issues and events.
  • THE DAILY TELEGRAPH You can gain access to their back copies as well as current news events.
  • THE GUARDIAN With a searchable archive, this is the most 'sociological' of the daily newspapers. You will need to register to search their archive.
  • THE TIMES NEWSPAPER This gives you access to a searchable archive of newspaper reports, once you have registered.
  • THE TIMES EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT Access to developments in the world of education.

Sociology Publishers

  • COLLINS This is a link to the Collins Sociology pages.
  • CONNECT PUBLICATIONS This contains information concerning coursework and support publications from Connect.
  • HEINEMANN This is the sociology page from Heinemann publishers.
  • LINDISFARNE PRESS This contains information concerning publications and courses from Lindisfarne Press.
  • ONLINE CLASSROOM This contains information concerning video publications from Steve Taylor's Online Classroom.
  • POLITY This is a link to Polity, a substantial sociology publisher.
  • Phillip Allan Updates - SOCIOLOGY REVIEW This contains details of the magazine Sociology Review.
  • WILEY-BLACKWELL This publishing site also runs a news blog. 
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