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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Freedom of Expression

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Do you know if someone post any comments on your community, blog, website or any forum which can harm community at large or amount to defamation of particular person, caste or organisation then you can be prosecuted according to law. A 19 year old computer science student Ajith D from Kerala has to face the criminal charges for the posts made in the orkut community started by him targeting Shiv Sena. SC refused to quash the case filed by Shiv Sena leaders.
The case could be a turning point in the freedom of expression enjoyed by individuals in India and may have its repercussions which can be seen in various forms. Already many communities has been started in support of the Ajith. We have to wait and see the final judgment in the case.
But it is a warning bell for all those who are owners of the orkut community and have their own blog or website.
In one another case charges are faced by the founders of a website piratebay which carries links to copies of music, films and TV programmes have gone on trial in Sweden on charges of copyright theft.
So it seems the days of free speech are over, I know there will be two views of this one is that one has no right to intrude in the privacy of other person or post some derogatory or insulting comments on any blog, community or anywhere else but on other side the liberalist will claim that this will be violating their basic right of expression as they are being forbidden to criticise.
The need is to regulate and mark a line beyond which one should not go but how that line is marked and who will decide that line is matter of controversy.

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