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Friday, January 16, 2009

Some of the Political Science Question from RAS

 Hello friends here are some question which were asked in RAS Pol Sc. paper so if you know answer of any or a few of them kindly post them in comments or mail to :

1.Who among following identified democracy with corruption , machine politics and gangsterism ?

2.who among th e following gave the concept of mass mind ?

3. the main feature of deliberative democracy ?

4. which of one of the following is not state?

5. which one of the following is not civil right?

6. who called mahatma gandhi ‘half naked fakir?

7 which one of the following is not featute of act of 1935?

8. who among the following is an acclaimed analyst of political parties?

9. who…………the oath of office to pt jawaher lal Nehru as 1st prime minister of India?

10. was not featute of 1947 act there were two deputy prime minister during the prime ministership of?

11.who among the following has been chief minister for the longest time period ?

12. which prime minister had fallen in lock sabha during debate for want of just one vote?

13. who was the 1st foriegen minister of India?

14. is not the objective of w.t.o.?

15. who among the following was elected as president of the un general assembly in 1953 ?

16. a command given by a superior to an inferior?

17.equality is unnatural and undesirable?

18.according to Herbert morrison bureaucracy is the price of

from Nikky


Anonymous said...

hi, some of the ans are as under:-

4. Tibet
5. Equality
6. Churchill]
7. Removal of fedral court
8. Durverger
10. Morarji Desai
11. Jyoti VBasu
12. Morarji Desai
13. Nehru
15. V L Pandit
16. Austin
17. Aristotle

Anonymous said...

answer no. 12 is vajpayee. kindly change it

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