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Friday, January 9, 2009

INDIA 2009 and BHARAT 2009

Publication Division of India comes out with INDIA 2009 in English and BHARAT 2009 in Hindi, a book which has lots of information for common man in general and for civil services aspirant in particular.

You can download it from publication Division website, here are the links for that :

INDIA 2009


Enjoy Reading !


Anonymous said...

Bharat 2009 ek mahtavpuran sarkari dastavase hai jo har ek vyakti ki jankari main vardi karti hai , samast parkar ki jankari esmain hamain milti hai, yah kadam jari rahna chahiya. From- Bhajan Singh Gharoo

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sir !

i highily glad to give such kind of important knowledge by you about books i downloded Bharat 2009. You r doing good job really ! ! !

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