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Monday, July 21, 2008

RPSC and RAS 2007

RPSC has been criticized severely many times for lack of its professionalism but it has been one of the best among all the existing Public Service Commission as far as candidates point of view, its most transparent, most liberal and most user friendly, from past few months its also been updating its website regularly and providing uptodate information to the candidates about test centres, advertisement and syllabus. The most striking feature about RPSC is that its providing each and every individual marks unlike UPSC, the latter still keeps the marks of the candidates a top secret. Don't forget its daunting task to put marks of all the candidates online and face the challenge from the candidates; this is what transparency is all about. The delay that has been occurred in the past few years is due to the lengthy legal procedures and governments apathy towards recruitment process to cut down the administrative cost which otherwise it has to incur in case of recruitment of new vacancies.

All those who want to see there raw marks and scaled marks of RAS Prel 2007 Exam can check out at RPSC site on the following link :

Raw and Scaled marks of RAS Prel. 2007

And in case you forget your roll no. or you want to see your friends marks or of any candidate you can do that as follows :

  1. Check out roll no. at : Roll number by bar code or Roll number by name
  2. Check out marks at Raw and Scaled marks of RAS Prel. 2007

Important Links for those who are taking RAS

  2. RAS (Mains) Exam-2007 Time Table
  3. Syllabus RAS / RTS Main-Examination Subjects
  4. Advt 2/08-09 for RAS & RTS Exam 2008

RAS Prel. Cut Off






RAS 2007

RAS 2003





















RPSC is sending admit cards to the candidates and in case one not get that they can contact there respective district HQ control room to be set up in due course of time.

All the best to all the candidates who are taking the exam.


Dr Naresh Jhajharia said...

yesterday while hearing petition of one of the candidate court ordered RPSC to declare the marks of EO Exam, needless to say that judiciary also plays important role in making the process more transparent; lets see whether RPSC declare that like RAS marks.

mukesh said...

hi,can u please let me know about the expected cutoff of the RAS FINAL ex. 2007 after interview.
i have got 822 marks. do u think that i have the chance of getting placed ??

Dr Naresh Jhajharia said...

there is no cut off as such and one has to look into the merit position to know about the services and I think with 822 you may get the service but not sure, lets wait for the merit list

Anonymous said...

naresh hw much marks u scored?

Dr Naresh Jhajharia said...

I got 813

Anonymous said...

can u tell me abt cutoff 4 gen thanx

Anonymous said...

i have got 779 marks in ras 2007.beong to general catagory girl. can u tell me i may be select or not.

name- rishu modi

Dr Naresh Jhajharia said...

@ Rishu : Seems difficult !

manju said...

i get 787 marks in ras .i m obc girl.can u guss about obc girl merit?

Dr Naresh Jhajharia said...

I DON'T THINK THE MERIT GOES BEYOND 1100TH RANK FOR OBC WOMEN and with your score its around 1140 so seems difficult

Anonymous said...

i have got 815 marks in gen (female). do u think that i have the chance of getting placed ??

Dr Naresh Jhajharia said...

815 GEN WE : Good chances to get placed although only in subordinate services

Anonymous said...

i have got 825 marks in gen female that i have the chance of getting placed state service or subordinate services ?

Dr Naresh Jhajharia said...

It depends on your rank and how many general girls are above you.

Anonymous said...

i have got 825 marks in gen female, general women rank is 89 , in all women rank 138 ( all catagory) and all catagory rank is 490 . i have the chance of getting placed state service or subordinate services ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Naresh!!
If possible pls check my status.
Roll No. 567121
Rank 863
OBC WE rank 72
Waiting for reply

S said...

Hi Naresh!!
If possible pls check my status.
Roll No. 567121
Rank 863
BC WE rank 72

Anonymous said...

hi , naresh bhaisahab mere ques ka ans de do plz
825 gen women

Dr Naresh Jhajharia said...

825 marks GE WE you can get subordinate services with this may be RTS, anyway whats your rank in GE WE.

Anonymous said...

hi naresh , can you plz tell me , while prep merit list for GEN FEMALE cand , all SC , ST , OBC FEMALE candidates are included in it for female reservation?plz tell me while giving reservation to women cand , those who are in higher merits among overall candidates got the seat from reservation list only or from the seats for general candidates (that r 89 for state services ) i mean to say like the topper krishna devi , will she get the seat of sdm among 6 seats of gen or did she be given one seat out of 2 reserved for gen female candidates?

Anonymous said...

can u plz tell me , the chances for gen female other state ,rank overall 434 , among females (sc,st,obc females included) 120 , among gen female 79

Dr Naresh Jhajharia said...

@ above : Who can get RTS for sure may be higher depending on several other factors.
At this stage Roster is applied so if a person is higher in merit s/he will be treated as general so the topper is not counted in WE but in General category.

anonymous said...

hi! i have scored 811 marks in ras 2007 GE WE.
do i have any chance to get service?

Unknown said...

Dear Naresh,

Can you please tell me bout the no. of seats for other states candidates in RAS?RTS or it is under which category.

Need your help asap.

Thanks Sandeep

Anonymous said...

hi naresh can you please tell me the reservation criteria for RAS/RTS....i m a muslim gen candidate

Anonymous said...

hi naresh can u pls tell the reservation criteria in RAS /RTS ....i am a muslim gen girl..


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