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Friday, May 23, 2008

Opting Public Administration in Civil Services, this article would be of some help to you

From many years Public Administration become choice of most of the students in the civil services because of its relevance to the service, easy understanding, help it gives in GS paper, easy availability of books accompanied by good support system.
There has been some good teachers around to guide in your endeavor like Ravindaran Sir, Bhawani Singh Sir, Mohanty Sir and Atul Lohiya Sir to name few, they all have proper understanding of the subject and a good experience so if you have money and time you can surely take help of these as they better know tricks of trade Smiley and mould you in better frame.

And if you are thinking to go for self-study then also this subject will not create any problem as such as it not has much jargon of itself, go through standard books and you can score good marks in this. Keep abreast of new happenings and if possible quote from books and journals.
What you should take care while answering is that you should present your answer with proper facts and reason and not just plain copying from book, analysis is very important in this subject also like most of other optionals.
While answering question take proper care of terms like Explain, Comment, Compare and Contrast, Illustrate, Discuss, Analyse, Critically Evaluate as all these term has their own meanings and if not follow those your marks will be deducted accordingly.
So, in conclusion I can only say from my experience that this subject is not that easy which people in general thinks because one can easily get average marks but to get good marks it needs thorough preparation.
Good Luck !

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Anonymous said...

thank you so much.. your information was really very helpful. i would like a little favor from you too.i am basically pursuing my bachelors In Business Management), in Christ college, bangalore.

i am basically from Chennai. i wanted to know the advantages of pursuing IAS. i do understand that all the information is available online, but it is different from a experienced person.
thanking you,
Shreyans Deora -

Allen said...

Boss, Bhawani Sir is the Best

veer said...

sir could sc/st candidates appear age upto 37 yr from this new notification pattern in upsc 2014?

veer said...

sir could sc/st candidates appear age upto 37 yr from this new notification pattern in upsc 2014?

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