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Friday, May 23, 2008

Iceland is Cool

Well you might be thinking I am mad to say that but this is not my finding but various indicators shows that. According to recently released report of GPI(Global Peace Index) by Vision of Humanity, it has been said that Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world, so isn't that COOL :), maybe its something related to its name ICE depicts white colour and the white colour signifies peace.
In the survey of 140 countries(last year it was 121 countries) across the world from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, Nordic countries comes out on the top of the list with Denmark and Norway securing third and fourth ranks in the list and if you think rich countries can secure high rank then think twice as only one out of G8 countries secure Top 10 rank, with Japan securing fifth rank.

Other key findings:

-- Small, stable and democratic countries are the most peaceful -16 of the top 20 are western or central European democracies
-- The G8 fared very differently: Japan (5), Canada (11), Germany (14), Italy (28), France (36), UK (49), United States (97), Russia (131)
-- Iraq is the lowest ranked country on the Index (140)

India ranked 107th this year performing better than only Pakistan(127) and SriLanka(125) among its neighbouring countries, but it improved its rank from previous year of 109 and also its score improved slightly from 2.530 in 2007 to 2.355. Countries most at peace are ranked first. A lower score indicates a more peaceful country
Global Peace Index 2008
Country Rank Score
Iceland Iceland 1 1.176
Denmark Denmark 2 1.333
Norway Norway 3 1.343
New Zealand New Zealand 4 1.350
Japan Japan 5 1.358
Ireland Ireland 6 1.410
Portugal Portugal 7 1.412
Finland Finland 8 1.432
Luxembourg Luxembourg 9 1.446
Austria Austria 10 1.449
India India 107 2.355

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