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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Book List For Public Administration

Preliminary Examination

1. Introduction to the Study of Public Administration L.D. White
2. Public Administration A.R. Tyagi
3. Public Administration in Theory and Practice
M.P. Sharma & B.L. Sadana
4. Administrative Thinkers Prasad & Prasad
5. Public Administration Avasthi & Maheshwari
6. Public Administration Mohit Bhattacharya

Specific Topics
1. Financial Administration : Financial Administration in India
M.J.K. Thavaraj
2. Comparative Administration : Public Administration : A Comparative Perspective (Topic No. 5 & 6) Ferrel Heady
Constitution of India D.D. Basu
4. Indian Administration Avasthi & Avasthi

Relevant Topics : 1. Union Executive 2. State Executive 3. Centre-State Relations 4. Public Services & Public Service Commission 5. Rights & Liabilities of Civil Servants.
Note : M.Laxmi Kanth's Book on Public Administraion of Tata McGraw Hill's for Prel.

Mains Examination

Paper I ::: Basic

1. Introduction to the study of Public Administration L.D. White
2. New Horizons of Public Administration : Mohit Bhattacharya
3. Administrative Thinkers : Prasad & Prasad
4. Public Administration : A.R. Tyagi
5. Public Administration : C.P. Bhambri
6. Organization Behaviour : Luthans or Robbins

Specific Topics :
1. Basic premises : Modern Public Administration : Nigro & Nigro
2. Vaids Fundamentals of Public Admninistrative Series (Ashtam Prakashan)
(i) Principles of Organisation and Comparative
Public Administration
(ii) Administrative Behaviour
3. Personnel Administration : Public Personnel Administration
O. Glenn. Stahl
4. Administrative Law : Administrative Law M.P. Jain
5. Comparative and Development Administration :
Comparative Public Administration R.K. Arora
6. Public Policy : Public Policy R.K. Sapru

Paper II : Basic

1. Constitution of India D.D. Basu
2. Indian Administration Avasthi & Avasthi
3. Administrative Reform Commission (ARC) Report on
(a)Machinery of Planning
(b)Centre-state relationships
(c)Financial Administration
(d)State Administration
(e)District Administration
4. Public Administration A.R. Tyagi
5. Issues in Indian Administration R.B. Jain
6. Special volumes of Indian Journal of Public Administration
Specific Topics :
1. Evolution of Indian Administration : NCERT Books (Class XI & XII) on Indian History : Administrative portion.
2. Centre-State Relations : A brief reference to Sarkaria Commission Report.
3. Public Undertakings : Principles and Practices of Public Enterprise ManagementLaxmi Narayan
4. Control of Public Expenditure : Financial Administration in IndiaM.J.K. Thavaraj
5. State Administration : State Administration J.D. Shukla
6. District Administration : District Administration S.S. Khera
7. Local Administration : Local Government in India S.R. Maheshwari
8. Administration for Welfare : Social Welfare Administration D. Paul Choudhary
Annual Report of Department of Justice & Empowerment

Note:Consult IGNOU Materials, Yojna and Kurukshetra


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books are neeed to be more selective.....

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Kindly suggest some books and notes in hindi for Public Administration for Mains Exam.

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