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Friday, March 28, 2008

News Scan

  • Another gory incident of witchcraft comes into limelight in rural area of Bihar


are we still superstitious ?

are we sensitive enough ?

Is this the Governments apathy towards poor and marginalised people ?

many question are raised on such recurring incidents happening in remote areas of India,
its one incident which is caught on tape but many more get unnoticed, the need is to sensitise people, laws alone can't stop such incidents.
  • US republican candidate for President Mr. McCain advocates India's entry to G-8

so, is his election to the top post helps India to build good relations with US is to be seen. India is emerging as world power due to its strong manpower, knowledge powerhouse and marketing place so in the coming years we can see more and more tilt of power towards India.
  • Education in XI five year plan get boost with 8 IIT's, 7 IIM's, 16 Central University and 14 World class University

but what is to be seen is that whether its pre election gimmick or government is really concerned about education, whether by increasing the number of IIT and IIM's can they still maintain the quality of education ? as its all about quality of education which attracts most of the top brains in these institutes.
  • Tata's acquistion ofJaguar and Land rover of Ford has shown how the Indian companies are going to become global, from some time Tata is on shopping spree by acquiring many international brands to its kitty from Tetley tea, Commercial division of Daewoo, Teleglobe International Holdings Ltd, Natsteel ltd, Teleglobe International Holdings Ltd and recently Corus group

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