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Monday, March 10, 2008

National Sport brings National Shame

Not long ago we were proud of our national game the reasons are varied : it helps in bringing medal in Olympics, as only in this game we dominate, it has truly national character and players from various parts of India bring laurels, this game give us some of the great players of world, the popularity and legends are such that we often talk about incidents when Dhyanchand's hockey stick was broken to check whether it has some magnet and Hitler inviting him to join his army, the incidents of beating US with huge world record margins but now the condition arises that we have to play to qualify for Olympics and sadly we loss to England in Santiago and hence in 80 years history our team is not even playing in the Olympic, leave alone winning any medal.
Now its time for introspection what makes Indian hockey fall to just an extent now we have an opportunity to imbibe the spirit of Chak De India in the Indian Hockey as from here one can only rise and can't fall further.
The reason for this debacle should be carefully analysed and should not make it come and go, those who are responsible should be get rid off and you know when in our country every year year governments change every frw months minister change and every few days administrators change how one person still continuing for such a long period of 14 years and the irony is that still he is not taking blame on himself but asking for time and making pity reasons for loss and saying that he not have instant coffee machine so dear sir in 14 long years even Birbal's khicri become prepared what are you doing all these years and in your tenure India has not won a single Olympic medal; well having said I will also blame the people who lavishly spending money on Cricket and forget altogether their national sport even government also seems to keep blind eye toward this game, and no one is taking responsibility for such a sorry state of Indian Hockey and this can be reflected in the website of IHF which is there only for namesake, have a look at that .
So either government should change the national game or take some concrete steps to bring back the Golden days of Indian Hockey

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