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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

RAS : GK & GS Mains Syallbus


1. Current Affairs - Current events of State, National and
International importance, International agencies, their activities,
Economic and Political aspects in India and Organisations and
institutions working in these fields. Games and sports at State,
National and International Levels.
Source : Newspaper ( Hindu/ ToI), Magazines (Civil Service Chronicles/Partiyogita Darpan/Frontline),
An Introduction to the Constitution of India by D.D.Basu

2. General Science - Questions on General Science will cover general
appreciation and understanding of Science including matters of
everyday observations and experience as may be expected of and
enlightened person though he may not have made any special study
of science. Question to test the candidate's acquaintance with
matters such as Electronics, telecommunication. Satellites and the
like should also be included.
Source : NCERT Books, Science and Technology News from Hindu and Magazines

3. Geography and Natural resources -
(a) Broad physical features o the world, important places, rivers,
mountains, continents, oceans.
(b) Natural resources of India, Mines and minerals, Forests, land
and water, Wild life and conservation, ecology of India.
(c) Physiography, Climate, Vegetation and soil regions, Broad
Physical divisions of India, human resources, problems of
population, unemployment, poverty, drought famines and
desertification in India.
(d) Energy problems and conventional and non-conventional
sources of energy.
Source : NCERT Books, School Atlas ( Oxford )

4. Agriculture and Economic Development of India - Food and
Commercial crops, agriculture base industries, Major irrigation and
rivers valley projects, Growth and location of industries. Industrial
raw materials, Mineral based Industries, Small Scale & Cottage
Industries, Export items, various economic plans, programmes and
institutions for development. Cooperative movement, small
enterprises and financial institutions.
Source : Yojna, Kurukshetra, Indian Economy by Mishra and Puri

5. History and Culture - Main currents in World History, Art and
Culture, Landmarks in the political and cultural history of India,
Major monuments, and Literary works. Renaissance, struggle for
freedom & national integration.
Source : NCERT Books, Modern India by Bipin Chandra

India 2008 / Bharat 2008 , Indian Economic Survey, Rajasthan Economic Survey

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