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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

RAS GK and GS 2007 Solved

RAS GK and GS 2007 Solved

  1. I used a,b,c and d for options 1,2,3 and 4 to avoid confusions
  2. Some questions are not answered as I am not sure of so if you are sure about them, write them in comments
  3. The questions are according to 'C' Series
Q 1 . gas used by deep sea divers :

Q2. 'Jiz Muhmmed Shahi'
c.Swai Jai Singh

Q3. Booker 2006
b.Kiran Desai

Q4. Talwar Bandhai
a. at time of Succession

c. unemployed rural youth

Q6. Endangered plants
c. Red Data Book

Q7. NREGP right

Q8. Pres APJ Abdul Kalam Fly
d. Sukhoi level lower than river nearby

c. Bar Code

Q 11. Electric Bulb Temp
c. 2000 to 2500 Celccius

Q12. A Holy Fool
a. A Writers people

Q 13.RTI
a. Secure info.

Q14.The half life
c. decay 3/4

Q15.Gas in atmosphere
b. Co2

Q16Commonwealth games
c. New Delhi

Q17. Baroli Temples
b. Dravid ( see comments ) not sure ??

Q18. JAi Singh Suri
a. Hammirmadmardan

Q19.Character Jhamtya and Khatkhatya

Q20.PM of Brihad Raj
c. Heera lal Shashtri

Q21. China in UN
c. 1971

Q22. Fashion for Dev.
d. Popularise Khadi

Q23. Big bang
b.Origin of Universe

Q24.makes soil acidic and alkaline
b. Capillary Action

a. Establish industrial area

Q26 Tagri
c. Waist

Q27. Sun visible few min before
d. Refraction

Q28. State to conclude treaty with British
a. Kota

Q29. Indira Canal
d. Harike Dam

Q30.Contiguous distt.
c. Sirohi Pali Nagaur

Q31 Max. calorie from which dist.
b. Badmer

Q32. Ice in water glass.
c. Remains same

Q33. Nagaur famous
b. Fenugreek

Q34 Tharparkar
b. Border regions

Q35 Hunch back belt
d. Ajmer - Nagaur

Q36. VAC of Pres
b. Chief Justice

Q 37. Indian ambassador Topple Govt

Q 38.Rajparmukh to Governor
d. 1956

Q39 Chambal Ghati
c. Jawahar sagar and Rana pratap sagar

Q 40 94% votes to CM
a. Ghulam Nabi

Q 41 Soud Echo
b. 17

Q 42 word lengths for supercomputers
c. 64 bits

Q 43 Bharat Nirman
b. Rural Infastructure

Q44. Garhbeetely
b. Taragarh Ajmer

Q45 Gandhi of Bagar
d. Bhogi lal pandya

Q46 Zinc and Lead of Quality
c. Rampura Agucha

Q 47 German Silver
b. Aluminium

Q 48 Cotton, Groundnut state
d. Gujarat

Q49 mewat saint
a. Charan das

Q 50. karunanidhi
d. Five times

Q51 Chinese traveller
c. Hien tsang

Q 52. 90 % asbestos
b. Udaipur,Dungarpur.

Q53. Montenegro
a. 2006

Q54. Oldest Canal
a. Gang canal

Q 55. Max. Rural poplation %
b. Banswara

Q56 FRBM 2003
a. Financial Discipline

Q 57. Mahila Coop bank
a. Jaipur

Q58. World Water
b. 1.5

Q59. Teej
b. Shravan

Q60.Lang by highest number
a. Bengali

Q61 Defining Moments
c. Rajendra Sekhar

Q62 Stem Cells
d. Found only in embryo

Q63 asoka name on
d. Minor edict Maski

Q64. Dodo.
d. Mauritius

Q 65. Bhu Portam
a. Andhra

Q66. World Bank $600 million
a. Rural Coop.

Q67. Chicago
d. Sep 1993

Q68. Oxytosin
a. Pitutiary

Q69. Cultural Melting Pot
Delhi or Bangalore (most likely Delhi )

Q 70. Maximum Border
b. Arunachal

Q71.Candle Flame
c. Round

Q 72 two bubbles
b.smaller become smaller

Q73. Phad postal stamp
c. Devnarayan

Q74. Bikaner Rathore ki Khyat
a. Dyal das

Q75 Area under National Park
c. Sikkim

Q76. Rajasthan Seva Sangh
a. 1919

Q77. Panchayat article
b. 243

Q78 Leta , Mangrol
a. Weaving

Q79. Plaster of Paris
a. Calcium phosphate

Q80 Ajrakh Print.
d. Badmer

Q81 Dairy and food sc. college
d. Udaipur

Q82. Ghaghaar River
d. Abbas Fort

Q83 sethusamundram
b.167 km

Q84. UN women together Award.
b. Vasundhra

Q85.Rana pratap sagar
c. Rawathbhata

Q86. Lathi Series
b. Mneral Belt

Q 87. Capillary tube
c. Surface tension less

Q 88. Saim condition
b. Ecological Change

Q89. Bioremediation
a. Elimination of toxi pollutant

Q90.Music instrument by mouth
b. Algoza

b. MP

Q92 Chkwada.
c. Public waterbody

Q93.Temp f is double of C
b. -12.3

Q94. Raj Rashtriya Chemicals and FErt.
a. Kapasan

Q95. Highest density of Human settlement
a. Ajmer

Q 96. incorrect pair
b. Sevan grass- Alwar

Q97. british political agent killed
b. Mason

Q98. Top policy Priority
b. Animal Husbandry

Q99. Power Pack Project
a. Solar Energy

Q 100. Shivraman Comt.
b. CrefiCard



hunch back belt of rajasthan (c) banswara-dungarpur

Unknown said...

word lenght for super computer is 64 bit

Ajay Karwasra said... level
(d)Balotra(365 feet)river-370+feet)
11. a holy fool-(a)a writers people

17.Baroli temple

(d) all

31.max calorie
(c) Ganganagar

35.Hunch back belt

(d)128 bits bank
(c) urban Infra Develop

69.Melting pot

70. Max border
(b)arunachal pradesh

71.Candle Flame

72.Two bubbles
(c) equal

75.Area under National Park
(c) Sikkim(30%)

78.Leta, Mangrol

86.Lathi Series
(c) UWB



Dr Naresh Jhajharia said...


(d) all
RFC : is responsible for Project report and other,
also social infrastructure is not the responsibility of RIICO

31.max calorie
(c) Ganganagar
its not Ganganagar but Badmer as Bajra has maximum calorie and Badmer produced it in maximum amount, maximum production of cereals is indeed Ganganagar but since maximum calorie is asked I think its Badmer bank
(c) urban Infra Develop
its for Cooperative sector visit World Bank site

71.Candle Flame
Wrong, as it will become round check out NASA website for kids

72.Two bubbles
(c) equal
Wrong and I am sure about that

its not Gujarat its MP near Ujjain

its Animal Husbandry as only that will be sustainable

Ajay Karwasra said...

Yes i agree in case of Candle Flame, Bubble Case and Dharmat.

but what about Jhamtya-Khatkadya,Indian Ambassador,Rajputana Bank???

n what u say about final score-a total of 56Q (fianl score-112) would be sufficeint???

Dr Naresh Jhajharia said...

final score depends on individual score which varies for each subject due to scaling so if u performed better than others in ur optional 56 question will be enough in GK.

Dr Naresh Jhajharia said...

area of Sikkim : 7096 sq. km
National Park in Sikkim :
Khangchendzonga National Park: North, South, West 1784 sq. km that is 25.14 %, so I think it will be Sikkim

There is one national park and six wildlife sanctuaries, which together constitute over 30% of the total geographical area of the state.

Ajay Karwasra said...

Right answer-Arunachal pradesh

explanation-Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland share 520 kms, 510 kms, 398 kms and 215 kms long respectively with Myanmar borders.
for more info go to:

Unknown said...

question related with teperature at which u said answer is -12.3 is wrong
this question is wrongly stated
read carefully
its answer must be 80 and i am sure for it

Dr Naresh Jhajharia said...

well I agree with that, its a linguistic mistake and most correct answer is what I stated,
this is what Umang had said at our discussion :
Que- At what temperature the Fahrenheits value is double OF centigrades value?
Let the value of temperature in FH scale be = X, than as per question the the value of same temperature in Centigrade scale will be X/2.
Now using the Standard temperature conversion formula
we have for present problem
this gives value of X=320F
and X/2=160C
both answers are missing from options.
Now take the other case.
If question states like
The temp in FH scale doubles iiiiiiiiiinnnnnn centigrade scale than
Temp in F=X and C= 2X and Standard formula becomes
(X-32)/9 = 2X/5 giving X=12.3F and

So to make the options correct The Word "OF" used in question should Be replaced with IN and omitting the word IS before the word double.

but since RPSC not publishes key, it will only remain doubtful whether its treated as right or wrong,
cheers !

rohit said...

any body have paper of computer engg.& botany then plz advice me and send on my email id if u hv.........thnx

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