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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sociology books and syllabus


Development of Sociology as a discipline, Its relationship with
other disciplines,; Science and Social behaviour, the problem of
objectivity, the scientific methods and design of sociological research,
techniques of data collection and measurement including participant and
non-participant observation, interview schedules and questionnaires.

Pioneering contributions to sociology: The seminal ideas of
Durkheim, Weber and Mars.
Marx: Historical materialism, alienation, class and class struggle;
Durkheim: division of labour, social fact, religion and society: Webber:
Social action, types of authority, bureaucracy, rationality, Protestant
ethnic and the spirit of capitalism ideal types.

The individual and society, individual behaviour, social interaction,
society and social group, social system, status and role; culture,
personality and socialization; conformity, deviance and social control:
role, conflict
Social stratification and mobility: Inequality and
stratification: different conceptions of class; theories of stratification,
caste and class: class and society: types of mobility; open and closed
models of mobility.

Family, marriage and kinship: Structure and functions of family;
structural principles of kinship; family descent and kinship; change in
society and change in marriage and family; marriage and divorce.

Economic system: Economic Systems of Simple and Complex
Societies : Types of Exchange; and division of labour; social aspects of
preindustrial and industrial economic system; industrialization and
changes in the political education, religious, familial and stratificational
sphere; social determinants and consequences of economic development.

Political System: Community power structure: power of the elite,
class power, power authority and legitimacy; power in democracy;
political parties and voting.

Religion : The religious phenomenon; the sacred and the profance;
social functions and dysfunctions of religion; magic religion and science;
changes in society and changes in religion and secularization.

Social change and development: Social structure and social change,
continuity and change; Processes of change; theories of change; social
disorganization and social movement; directed social change, social
policy and social development.


Historical moorings of the Indian Society : Traditional Hindu
social organization: socio-cultural dynamics through the ages, especially
the impact of Buddhism, Islam and the modern West; factors in
continuity and changes.

Social stratification: Caste system and its transformation, aspects
of ritual, economic and caste status, cultural and structural view about
casts, mobility in caste, issues of equality and social justice caste among
the Hindus and the non- Hindus; Casteism; the Backward Classes and the
Scheduled Castes: Untouchability and its eradication; agrarian and
industrial class structure.

Family, Marriage and kinship: Changing aspects of Kinship: the
joint family its structural and functional aspects and its changing form
and disorganization; marriage among different ethnic groups and
changing trends; Impact of legislation and socio-economics change upon
family and marriage; Changing status of women.

Economic system; The Jajmani system and its bearing on the
traditional society; market economy and its social consequences;
occupational diversification and social structure, social determinants and
consequences of economic development; economic inequalities,
exploitation and corruption.

Political system: The functioning of the democratic political
system in a traditional society; political parties and their social
composition; social structural origins of political elites and their social
orientations decentralization of power and political participation.

Educational system : Educational and society in the traditional and
the modern contexts; education and social mobility, educational problems
of women, the Backward Classes and the Scheduled Castes.

Religion: Demographic dimensions, inter religious interaction and
its manifestation in the problems of conversion, minority status and
communalism, secularism. Tribal societies and their integration:
Distinctive features of tribal communities, tribe and caste: acculturation and

Rural social system and community development : Socio cultural
dimensions of the village community: traditional power structure,
democratization and of land reforms, Community Development
Programme and other planned development project; Green Revolution:
new strategies of rural development.

Urban social organization: Continuity and chance in the traditional
cases of social organization, namely, kinship, caste and religion in the
urban context; stratification and mobility in urban communities, ethnic
diversity and community integration: rural-urban differences in
demographic and sociocultural characteristics and their social

Population dynamic: Socio cultural aspects of sex and age
structure, fertility and mortality and migration; the problem of population
explosion, social psychological, cultural and economic factors in the
adoption of family planning practices.

Social change and modernization: Problems of Role Conflict-youth
unrest-intergenerational gap; Major Sources of social change and of
Resistance to change, impact of West, Reform movements, social
movement, industrialization and urbanization, pressure groups factors of
planned change-Five Year Plans legislative and executive measure;
process of change Sanskritiaztion, Westernization and Modernization;
Means of modernization-mass media and education, problem of change
and modernization-structural contribution and breakdowns.

Current Social Evils : Casteism, Nepotism, Regionalism,
Smuggling, Black Money; Crime and Juvenile Delinquency in India.



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Paper - II

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