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Thursday, November 15, 2007

IAS 2007 GS II

Paper- II
Time Allowed: Three Hours Maximum Marks: 300


Candidates should attempt all question strictly in accordance with the instructions given under each questions. The number of marks carried by each question is indicated at the end of the question

1 . Answer any two of the following (answer to each question should be in about 150 words): 15×2=30

(a) Indo-Russian Defence Co-operation
(b) India's response, to political crisis In Bangladesh
(c) Elaborate on India's Nuclear Doctrine

2. Write about the following (answer to each question should be in about 20 wordS): 2×5= I 0

(b) India and East Asia Summit (EAS)
(c) Shanghai Cooperation Organization, (S.C.O.)
(d) Panchsheel in India's Foreign Policy
(e) Relevance of NAM

3 . Write about the following (answer to each question should be in about 20 words) : 2×5=10

(a) Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yojana, 2006
(b) Indian All-Women Contingent to Liberia
(c) Madheshis in Nepal
(d) Know India Programme (KIP)
(e) Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs

4. Answer anyone of the following (in about 250 words): 30

(a). What is Dumping? Evaluate the remedial measures taken by Government of India vis-à-vis WTO provisions regarding dumping.
(b) Comment on the relationship between credit availability and agricultural growth in India.

5 . Answer any two of the following (answer to each question should be in about 150 words )

(a). What is the meaning and aim of social forestry ? What are the main weakness noticed in social forestry programme?
(b). Bring out the main objective of Rastriya Krishi Bima Yojana. The scheme is being implemented by which agency.
(c). Explain Mega Food park Scheme of Government of India.

6. Write about the following (answer to each question should be in about 20 words ) : 2×15 = 30

(a) Explain the term Merit Goods
(b) What is Cheap Money?
(c) What is Countervailing Duty?
(d) What is Hot Money?
(e). Explain the Concept Trickle Down Theory
(f) What is Stagflation?
(g) What is Engel's Law?
(h) Meaning of CCIL
(i) What is Administered Price?
(j) What is Venture Capital?
(k) Explain the term Balance on Current Account
(I) What is Consolidated Fund?
(m) What is Budget Deficit?
(n) Explain the term Most Favored Nations
(0) Meaning of Capital- Output Ratio

7 . Write about any two of the following (in about 150 words each): 15×2=30

(a) Impact of globalization on state system and its institutions
(b) SAARC Summit 2007
(c) The UN conference on Environment and Development (The Earth Summit)

8. Write about the following (in about 20 words each): 2×5 = 10

(a) G-8 Summit 2007
(b) Hyde Act of 2006
(c) Global Governance
(d) Operation Silence
(e) SAARC Human Rights Report 2006

9 . Write about the following by expanding and explaining the objectives (in about 20 Words each): 2×5=10

(a) ICT4D
(b) BEMs
(c) IAEA
(e) ECJ

10 . Answer any one of the following in about 250 words: 30

(a). Explain the phenomenon of ozone depletion, its cause and effects . What efforts are needed to reduce it.
(b). what do you understanding by the term 'biodiversity'? Examine the cause and consequence of degeneration of biodiversity?

11 . Answer any two of the following (answer for each question should be in about 150 words) : 15×2=30

(a) What are the alterative fuels available for the transport sector? Discuss their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages in their utilization.
(b) Explain the objectives and the current achievements of human genome project.
(c) Discuss the missile technology initiatives undertaken by India.

12. Answer all the five (in about 20 words each) : 2×5=10

(a) What is firewall ?
(b) What is mal ware ?
(c) What do the following stand for?
(i) MPEG
(ii) ISP
(iii) HTML (iv) ASCII
(d) What is Root kit?
(e) What is computer architecture?

13. (a) In the year 2000 out of a total 1750 workers of a factory 1200 workers were members of a union. The number of women employed was 200 of which 175 did not belong to the union. In 2005 , the number of union workers increased to 1510 of which 1290 were men . On the other hand the number of non union workers fell down to 208 of which 180 were men. 8
(i) Put the above information in a proper table with title.
(ii) Calculate the increase in the percentage of the female workers belonging to the union in that five year period.

(b) The marks obtained by 20 students in a subject are given: 8

32, 62, 72, 46, 52, 74, 53, 42, 58, 61, 59, 46, 36, 76, 58, 77, 62, 48, 36, 39.

Form a frequency distribution table with class interval 10. Also Draw the Histogram.

14. (a) For the following distribution of statistics test grades, construct a frequency polygon and answer the following: 8

(i) How many test grades are greater than 87 ?
(ii) What percentage of test grades are greater than 83?
(iii) What percentage of test grades are lower than72?
(iv) What percentage of test grades are between 72 and 79 (inclusive )

Test Grades:

73, 92, 57, 89, 70, 95, 75, 80, 47, 88, 47, 48, 64, 86, 79, 72, 71, 77, 93, 55, 75, 50, 53, 75, 85, 50, 82, 45, 40, 82,

60, 89, 79, 65, 54, 93, 60, 83, 59

(b). Construct an appropriate diagram to show the following data of a university: 8

Course No. of Students

Engineering 440
Arts 220
Agriculture 120
Home Science 80
Economic 60
Total = 920

15. (a) What do you understand by 2
(i) Primary and secondary data
(ii) Data classification
(iii) Measures of central tendency
(iv) Characteristics of good average

(b) The mean wage of 100 laborers working in a factory running two shifts of 60 and 40 workers respectively is Rs. 38.

The mean wage of 60 labourers working in the morning shift is Rs 40. Find the mean wage of 40 Labourers working in the evening shift. 2

(c) The mean age of a group of 5 boys is 16 years. Another boy joins the group and then the mean age of the group becomes 18 years. How old is the newcomer? 2

(d) Arithmetic means of two completely different sets of values may be same. When extreme values are taken into consideration, the arithmetic mean is largely affected. Is it merit or demerit of arithmetic mean and give reasons for your statement? 2

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