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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Glossary Irrigation


Base flow

The sustained or dry weather flow of streams resulting from the outflow of permanent or perched ground water or from the drainage of large lakes and swamps.


The offtaking canals from main canal.

Catchment, Basin, Watershed

The area from which a stream or waterway and reservoir receives surface flow which originates as precipitation.

Chute spill Radial Gates

Water opening in the form of radial shapes provided at chute spillway.

Concrete Gravity Dam

Obstruction created across the river george portion using cement concrete to store water on upstream side.

Contour Sheets

Plans showing the natural levels of ground.

Cross Drainage (CD)

Local kotar / river crossing canal network.

Culturable Command Area

That portion of the culturable irrigable area which is commanded by flow irrigation.

Culturable Irrigable Area

The gross irrigable area less the area not available for cultivation.


Cubic meter per second.

Dam Vicinity Plantations

The plantations very close to dam.

Depth Zone

Depth of the water required by the crop during complete cultivation period (sowing to harvesting)

Design Discharge Capacity

Designed (predetermined) water carrying capacity of canals OR maximum safe discharge capacity of canal.

Design Flood Hydrograph

The hydrograph of flow adopted to represent limiting volumes and concentration of runoff for use in determining design capacities of spillways for dams or other hydraulic studies.

Distribution system

The offtaking canals from the main canal.

Drawdown Level

Fall of the water level in the canal.

Effective Rainfall

Rain that produces runoff.


Full Supply Depth.


Full Reservoir Level.


Gross Commond Area.

Gross Area

The Total area within the extreme limits set for irrigation by a project system.

Gross Command Area

The portion of the gross irrigable area which can be commanded by system for irrigation.

Gross Irrigable Area

The gross area less such areas as are excluded from the project by reasons of their being unsuitable for irrigation.


Hectare ( A unit of area, 1 ha. = 2.47 Acre ).


Collective term used for all works required at intakes or principal canals to divert and control river flows and to regulate water supplies into the main canal

Hilsa Fish

A race of fish.

Hydro Power Generation

Power generation from water potential.


A graph showing the discharge with respect of time.


Science dealing with waters of the earth in rivers, streams, lakes in or below the earth surface


The flow or movement of water through the surface into the soil body or ground.


The percentage of culturable irrigable area irrigated during a crop or a given period.


Lac Cubic Meter.


Litre per capita per day.


Million Acre feet.

Maximum Probable Rainfall

The rain of a certain amount and duration that can reasonably be expected to occur on a basin with a known frequency.


Mega Watt ( a unit of electric power )


0 Mega Watt ( A unit of electric power )


The branch of hydrography which deals with the relations of topography to drainage.


Project affected People.


Movement of water or moisture within the soil through the saturated zone.


The total measurable supply of water of all forms of falling moisture.

R & R

Rehabilitation & Resettlement.


Reduced Level.


Precipitation in the form of liquid water.


That part of precipitation falling on a drainage area which does not escape as a stream flow, during a given period.

River bed Power House

Electric power house constructed to generate electricity at river bed using water stored in reservoir.

Rotational Water Supply

Water delivery as per preschedule to the users as per their turn (rotation).


The derivation of an outflow hydrograph of a stream from known values of upstream inflow.


Portion of total precipitation from a given area that appears in natural or artificial surface streams.


The slow movement of water through small cracks, pores, interstices etc. in the surface of unsaturated material into or out of a body of surface or subsurface water.


Opening provided at the bottom part of dam to release water during the lean season to impart benefit to the down stream side.

Spillway Capacity

It is the capacity which is balancing the inflow minus storage of FRL

Spillway Gates

Gates provide at overflow zone of the dam.


Sardar Sarover Project.


A body of flowing water

Synthetic Unit Hydrograph

A unit hydrograph developed on the basis of estimation of coefficients expressing various physical features of a catchment.

Terminal Major Dam

The major dam constructed on the river beyond that no such dam can be planned to construct.

Unit hydrograph

Hydrograph of storm runoff at a given point on a given stream which will result from an isolated rainfall excess of unit duration occurring over the contributing drainage area and resulting in a unit of runoff.


A structure across the river which allows water to flow over after maximum water level in reservoir.


Total volume or flow from a drainage basin for a long stipulated period of time.


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