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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Detailed Analysis of CAT 2007

Detailed Analysis of CAT 2007 from IMS

Reflecting on CAT ‘07

What did not change in CAT 2007 was the structure of the test - 75 Questions, 3 Sections, 5 answer choices, 4 marks for correct and negative 1 mark for incorrect. However, there were quite a few changes with regards to the kind of questions asked in CAT 2007.

The Quant section was tougher than last year, as some of the questions not only demanded a higher level of reasoning but also were based on tougher concepts. Conceptual clarity and a strong reasoning ability were a must to clear the cut-offs in this section. Quite a few questions were option based and one could get them right if one had the patience and the perseverance to go the distance. Another salient feature of this section was the return of the Data Sufficiency questions. The 4 DS questions had an average level of difficulty and one could have solved at least two of them. Overall, the section was difficult with a few easy questions interspersed within it. The key to succeed in this section was to select the right questions. Possible cut-off: 25-28

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Brief analysis of CAT 2007 from Career Launcher

On the whole, the CAT 2007 paper was on the tougher side, like 2006, with no sectional respite for the aspirants. Comparatively speaking, the students would have found DI to be on the easier side. Verbal was slightly easier than last year. But Quant proved to be mind bogglingly difficult for the average student.

The number of passages in RC was more than last year but passages were smaller in length and the number of questions per passage was low, barely three on an average.

The Sentence Correction questions in EU proved to be different in nature, while the Para jumbles provided a bit of breather in terms of difficulty level.

Overall, even though the paper did not pose any surprise, pattern wise, with the number of questions remaining 75 as last year’s, the level of difficulty was increased by at least two to three notches.

In conclusion, even with the best of preparations it would be really tough to score 100 in this paper.

First impression of CAT 2007 from TIME

Overall, difficulty level is higher than that of CAT06
Quant is much tougher than CAT06 QA. Cut-off is expected to be lower than that for CAT06
Logic & DI section is calculation-intensive. Cut-off is expected to be lower than that for CAT06
Verbal reasoning questions (like FIJ) not there. Verbal is at the same difficulty level as that of CAT06
DS has come back in a big way – in both QA and Logic&DI sections
Grammar and Paragraph-forming questions have made a come-back.

Sources of RC passages according to TIME

Passage Ref: Paradigms in Scientific Traditions
Source: Knowledge and Post modernism in Historical Perspective” by Joyce Oldham Appleby (Page 347)
Passage Ref: Expressions of Experience
Source: “Logological Investigations” by Barry Sandywell (Page 421)
Passage Ref: Study of History through Natural experiments
Source: “Guns, germs and steel: The fates of human societies; Born to rebel; birth order family dynamics and creative lives” by Michael Shermer
Passage Ref: Sociology
Source: “Sociology: A Very Short Introduction” by Steve Bruce (Page 22)

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